Q: How do I take a photo with Uplause App?
A: Start the App and you will be in Photo mode already. Tap “Snap!” button to take a photo

Q: How can I change the texts in a picture?
A: Just click on the text you want to edit and input your custom text

Q: Can I take a selfie with the front camera?
A: Sure. Just change the camera by TURN CAMERA icon

Q: The application is giving me the wrong location. How do I change the location?
A: Press the icon BOTTOM RIGHT corner and you can choose from any nearby locations. You can also enter the location manually by tapping the location text and entering location information manually

Q: Where can I get more themes?
A: Directly from the Uplause app. Just tap on the PLUS (+) ICON and select a theme pack you want to get

Q: I didn’t get the new theme pack after purchase?
A: It may take a while for the App Store to process your purchase. Please be patient. If the theme pack is not available to you after 24 hours of purchase please contact us at support@uplause.com and we’ll sort it out

Q: I cannot post pictures to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
A: Facebook: Select up arrow from top right corner in Uplause App and connect to Facebook. Now you can share your photo/video to Facebook. You dont need to repeat this after first time.
Twitter: You need to have Twitter application installed to your Apple device.
Instragram: You need to have Instagram application installed to your device. Also make sure you have enabled use of Camera Roll in your Instagram settings

Q: I have taken a picture earlier that I would like to use. Can I?
A: Sure. Just click the GALLERY icon on the bottom and select a picture you would like to use. Make sure you selected the theme you want to use before selecting your picture

Q: How do I switch to video mode and record a video clip?
A: Tap the VIDEO CAMERA icon on the center of the bottom row to move to video mode. Tap “Record” to start recording a video clip. You can record 15-second video clips

Q: How long can I record video?
A: Video recording is limited to 15 seconds so that they can be accepted by Instragram and Twitter

Q: Me and my friend are getting different dB readings with our phones
A: dB Measurements are really sensitive to the location where they are measured from. Also make sure there’s nothing blocking the microphone (phone cover, your hand, etc). Maybe your friend is making more noise than you :)

Q: How do I turn on the flashlight/backlight?
A: In photo mode: Press the LIGHTNING icon and the flashlight will turn on In video mode: Press the LAMP icon and the backlight will turn on

Q: I take an image but I’m not able to save it to my photos
A: Make sure you have allowed Uplause Live Event App to save images. Go to your phone Settings -> Privacy -> Photos and make sure Uplause is enabled

Q: I’m not able to get my location information visible
A: In the Uplause App tap on the location icon on the bottom right corner and select location from Foursquare or Facebook locations. Make sure you have location services turned on (Settings -> Privacy -> Locations Services “On”) Also make sure you’ve allowed Uplause App to use your location data (Settings -> Privacy -> Locations Services -> Make sure Uplause is enabled)

Q: I’m upgrading my phone. Will my app & purchases transfer to the new one?
A: Absolutely yes, if you move all your data to new phone

Q: How do I reinstall Uplause App?
A: You can re-download Uplause App from App Store

Q: What devices are supported?
A: iOS8 is required so you need at least an iPhone 4s or an iPad 2

Q: Who can I contact to get more assistance with Uplause App?
A: You can reach us at support@uplause.com