We have designed and engineered an integrated decibel meter system that automatically captures and displays genuine fan decibel levels in stadiums and arenas. Uplause dB Meter System is the first integrated software solution for measuring and displaying venue decibel levels for live sport events. Uplause displays these data values with a broad range of fun, dynamic, entertaining and engaging graphic features and offers live game producers and marketers a seamless integration into any venues video board system and a fresh offering of sponsored content.

Uplause dB Meter system consists of a few modules that together create this new fan experience. The heart and soul of the system is the Uplause Entertainment System software, which operates on any computer platform.  From the Uplause software the user calibrates and controls the dB meter system. Uplause software is then connected to the venue A/V system. This allows the display of the dB level animations in real time on venue video boards. Also connected is the microphone feed that captures the sound levels from the crowd. Uplause software is designed to be very intuitive with fast set-up and configuration time. It is delivered online to our clients along with periodic software updates. The hardware requirements for implementation of the system are minimal and installation install and training can typically be completed in few hours.

Uplause dB Meter System also provides a data stream module for other live event presentation/graphics systems. Uplause system can send dB values (xml/json) in real time to any other system that is used either at the live venue or TV broadcast. This enables presentation and story telling  of live crowd decibel levels from the stadium or arena.