Uplause® Entertainment System (UES) is a software technology designed and developed for interactive fan engagement at live events. The state-of the -art software enables production of an authentic and real-time interactive fan experience for large audiences in any type of live event environment (sports, music, theatre, etc.).

UES enables sound (voice), motion and mobile controlled participation by live event fans and thus provides a comprehensive system for premium fan engagement and event presentation. For content development, the UES software provides a platform for rich 3D feature and content production that runs smoothly on various arena/stadium A/V systems.

To detect the sound levels of the crowd for voice-activated features, a set of microphones are placed at the venue and wired back to computer running Uplause (UES) software. To detect the crowd motion for motion-controlled games, a few video cameras are installed at the venue. For mobile interface, Uplause provides an API to UES platform so that the fan engagement can be integrated into existing mobile application (team/league/event app) or a mobile site.   Uplause Entertainment System software runs on both Mac and PC operating systems. The computer, where UES is installed, is connected to venue A/V to complete the setup. UES supports any display standard and screen resolution that is currently available on the market.